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Welcome to Ray Edmonds' online art workshop!​​

Would you like to learn to draw and paint for fun or profit?

I believe anyone can learn to paint by using my simple techniques that I have learned in over 40 years of painting and drawing.  If you are just beginning it may take a little longer than someone who has painted for a while, but I have taught many students, young and old, to create paintings they were happy to display.   You may never be a Rembrandt, Van Gogh or Picasso, but you can produce pictures that will please you and your friends.   

Experienced painter already?   If you have been painting for a while and want to reach a new level of expertise or accomplishment, I believe I can help you reach your goals.

Why should you study art with me?  Because I know what it is like to struggle in art.  I started drawing as a child and as a teenager experimented with oil painting but without an instructor and without the advantages of art books, TV and communitity colleges  I  had to learn by trial and error.   Needless to say, I struggled with the fundamentals, with composition, values, color theory and the tools of the medium.   My paintings and uncompleted paintings showed my amateurish attempts at oil painting and watercolors.

 While in college I took a number of courses in drawing and oil painting and managed to do well even though the instructor was woefully lacking in talent in both media.  It was not until I took a number of watercolor courses from a practicing artist in the late 70's at a community college that I began to understand the fundamentals of watercolor painting.    Because I am largely a self-taught artist who developed my talent by looking at books and by taking local workshops, I believe I know how beginning and intermediate artists struggle to learn or improve in a new art medium.  Believe me, I know your frustrations.

Finally, I know I can help you learn or improve your skills because I have taught art in high school and weekly watercolor classes in churches  for many years.    I have a number of instructional videos on my YouTube  channel and add videos regularly.  

How to improve as an artist.   How do you learn art or grow as an artist?  There is no one perfect way.  

  • Trial and error is always an option, but as I have said before, it is not the best way because it wastes time, money and often frustrates you that you may give up trying.
  • You can read books as I did but most libraries carry only a few good ones and may not have any in the medium you want to learn.  They are expensive to buy as well.  
  • You can view free videos on YouTube.  Many of these are good and some excellent.   But how do you know you are getting solid, sound advice?  Believe me, because anyone can post to YouTube, there are many videos that teach poor fundamentals and are of little help.  Some YouTube instructors have the knowledge but cannot demonstrate well.   
  •  My advice is to look for those artists whose artwork is good to excellent and follow them.   If they produce good art regardless of their style or genre, then they more than likely are technically good as well.   Others are good teachers and may not be as good artists.  But YouTube is a good place to start.

Eventually if you really want to master the art medium, you should have a more concentrated, step by step course that covers whatever you need to learn.  There are usually local teachers who can guide you well but they often cost $250 for a five-day six-hour course which gives you the fundamentals.   However much of that time is taken in watching the teacher paint or in your practice painting.   Why should you pay to paint when you could do that for free at home.    Also, quality instruction only happens several times a year in many localities and may be at a time and place that is inconvenient to you.

Well, what alternatives are available?   I suggest a video course that offers all the fundmentals and demonstration of  those fundamentals by the instructor in a format that suits your time and place and pace.  In the long run you probably will be more satisfied because it will save you time, frustration and money.  You may save more than the total cost of the course.   Some video courses offer the instructor's professional and personal critique of your painting.   I only wish that I had such courses available when I started.   

Look at my YouTube channel to see how I can help you for free! Just search for "Ray Edmonds artist".  You can also view them on my Online Course page on this website.

If you believe I can help you advance your art skills, then I would suggest you preview my upcoming online comprehensive watercolor courses.   They will be structured to help you move from absolute beginner to intermediate artist.  They will be ready for launching soon so stay tuned to this website for more information.

And I will offer personal critiquing of your artwork if you so choose.
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